Developed with independent intellectual property rights, our future is based on the principle of “quality research, flexible management, reasonable supervision and civilized production”.
Now, there are 4 lines for the production of elastic nonwoven and a series lines for the deep processed elastic materials. The products are mainly used in disposable hygienic, medical and beauty care field, and the output will be over 40 million square meters.
Our main products had got the patent for invention from the State Intellectual Property Office in 2005, which filled the blank of disposable elastic materials in China.
In the future, we’ll continue to build the new lines which based on the latest technology, and there will be more products for customers in China and foreign market. We are going to update with our customers and make contribute for the healthy progress of the industry!
中枢发育不完善:新生儿的中枢神经发育还不完善,日醒夜睡的条件反射尚未建立。如果白天睡的时间长了,夜间就不愿入睡,爸妈不哄不抱便哭闹不停。 爸妈晚上对宝宝反应不敏感:另外,爸妈劳累了一天身心都很疲乏,自然对宝宝饥饿、大小便的反应有点不如白天敏感,处理不及时的话,宝宝又是一顿哭闹,自然就睡不了觉。 宝宝缺钙:缺钙的宝宝也容易哭闹。由于体内缺钙,宝宝容易受到惊吓,尤其是在安静的晚上,稍有动静也会惊醒宝宝。患有结核、营养不良等慢性疾病的宝宝也常常在夜里哭闹,爸妈要重视这种情况。
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